How Blue Dot Robot Came to Be

Hello there. I’m Mische, owner of Blue Dot Robot Games.. also known as the TopBot. I’m so pleased to meet you! Here’s my story and how Blue Dot Robot came to be..

In 2008, as happens to so many people, the word ‘cancer’ was dropped unceremoniously into the middle of a lab-results chat with my doctor. I’m young and otherwise very healthy so this was quite the shock. In fact, I was so in shock I didn’t know to be shocked. I simply went to the parking lot, sat in my car and started calling people to tell them I had cancer. A lot like this: “Hi sweetie. Hey, do you think you can get out of that morning meeting? Turns out that lump is cancer so I’m going in for surgery at 7. I might need a ride home.” Yup. Just like that. Everything spun into a funnel cloud of activity and appointments and calls and discussions… and finally, panic. Those of you who have been through this probably know exactly what I mean.

I was fortunate during treatment. I was surrounded by the most kind and loving group of people - doctors, nurses, even other patients. Honestly, if they could have hugged it out of me, they would have. I’ve said that many times and I mean it. Truly amazing people and I heart them all. Especially my trusty sidekick (and very talented artist) Linda Eddins, who traveled far to help me through the process.

Over in radiation (chemo gets jealous so the two were paired) there were many small touches that the staff had put in place to help calm the utterly freaked out folks like me – the ceiling above the treatment table had twinkling lights for example – I had my own ‘radiation music mix’ - the waiting area had a window looking out onto a serene fountain – those sorts of things. In the front corner of the waiting room there was a table and on that table there was always a jigsaw puzzle. Each day the image would come together a bit more - everyone passing through for treatment seemed to have a hand in it – another thing bringing us all together, I think – and then one day an entirely new puzzle would appear. To me, this was very sweet gift. A simple way to escape – to focus - to calm.

During the non-treatment hours Linda was working on her own projects. And just like the puzzles, each day her images would come together a bit more. When she painted, or even talked about, she had her own escape – her own focus – her own calm. It’s not hard to see how the two ideas became one. And with that, Blue Dot Robot Games was born.

On June 21st, 2013, I went in for one of the many checkups I’ve had since that time. What was different about this one is that when I left the appointment, I was officially considered cured; 5 years cancer-free and cured. I hugged my oncologist, walked down the hall to hug the nurses that had treated me, further down the hall to hug my radiation oncologist, and then I walked directly over to that table with its latest masterpiece nearly finished and I placed 3 brand new bluedotrobot puzzles on it for the next group of people needing a little comfort. Then I drove home and officially opened my business.

Some told me that sharing one’s business story is important. It helps people connect – helps people get behind your business is what they say. I’m a little shy about sharing my story. It’s so personal after all. But when I think about all the people who touched that table for a few minutes each day, then and in the 5 years since then, it feels less and less like my story and more like something to be shared… just like the puzzles.

I hope you share these with people you love ~ Happy Puzzling!

Mische Eddins, TopBot