Geeks, BEHOLD.... Star Wars jigsaw puzzles!

Geeks, BEHOLD.... Star Wars jigsaw puzzles!

Yes, I am a total geek. I’ll own it. I’m not embarrassed.. and even if I was, it would be a complete waste of energy right? If you’re a geek, you’re a geek. So with all of this confessional stuff out of the way let’s talk STAR WARS!

When I was a grade school kiddo the first Star Wars movie came out. I loved it. At that time, my grandmother kept me after school. I must have been adorable because she enjoyed giving me gifts. (what happened?! I liked that deal!) So every few days I’d rush up the hill as soon as the bell rang to see if it was going to be a gift day. When it was, I’d excitedly unwrap a brand new Star Wars action figure. Man did I have a great collection! My childhood friend, David, was an even bigger fan so we’d play for hours.. and hours.. and hours… As an aside, David was also a budding filmmaker. Yes, even at that tinder young age. So my first and only major (ahem..) motion picture role was playing Princess Leia then Chewbacca in our own little remake. I remember us screening it for our 3rd grade class. What I wouln’t give to see that film now..

Anyway, puzzle-loving geeks rejoice. Buffalo Games and another amazing puzzle company I know you’re familiar with (Ravensburger) have created these fabulous puzzles just for us! Both companies are fab. Like all of their other products, these are well made and will stand up to the test of time.

We’re using Amazon Affiliate links here so buying is easy for you and earns a few cents for us.. which, of course, goes right back into our puzzle habit. We thank you!

Have a blast!

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