Puzzles for Developing Minds

Puzzles for Developing Minds

There is something so incredibly sweet about watching a little kiddo figuring something out. That focused look they get, often interrupted by them glancing up at you for encouragement or to see if there’s any sign on your face that they’re onto something.. then, when a piece fits or they get the color right.. there’s that look of sheer delight. Of course, it helps that you’re positively beaming at them and showering them with proud affection. It’s really something witness. So we say ‘YES!’ to using puzzles for development!

What always blows my mind is watching a concept take hold. You know, the first time a toddler is seeing how the square shape doesn’t fit in the round hole but DOES fit in the square one. Once that first dawns on them you can almost see that ‘AHA!’ thought bubble. From then on, there’s no hesitation where that square shape goes. There are so many things you only get to see them work out once… smart little devils!

There are a ton of studies that have been done over time regarding how puzzles help with development. No doubt you’ve heard the studies mentioned over and over again throughout your life whether childhood development was on your mind yet or not. Check out this great study done by the University of Chigaco. If you’re interested in reading more a quick Google search will provide you with days of reading material.

Hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, memory exercises, setting and achieveing small goals, mathmatics, spatial awareness, reasoning skills, not to mention the time spent bonding .. there are so many stellar reasons to do puzzles with your kids.

And below are some spectacular options to get you started:
An amazing company with a major focus in this area: Melissa & Doug
Another SUPER set of options: The Learning Journey
And never forget Ravensburg. They’ll always have options for you.

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