Punkin’ [Case of 6]

Artist: Kit Katzenschwartz
Puzzle Details: 100 Pieces, 11×15
Approved for: Hip Adults & awesome kids Ages 6+

Difficulty Level: Easy-ish

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Want to donate a case of Punkin’ to Toy for Tots?! Great choice! Here’s more about Punkin’:

Hello Punkin’, you charming pocket-sized cutie! We think of this guy as what you might get if you combined a robot with an Ugly Doll and Beaker from the Muppets into one glorious creature. So here you are: a 100 piece Beaker-like Ugly Doll-ish robot puzzle.

We know this adorable creation from the mind of Kit Katzenschwartz can win the heart of anyone. Anyone. Really, just look into those eyes.

Difficulty Level: Easy-ish
This is the most challenging of our 100-piece puzzles. And after it’s together? Punkin’ looks adorable in a red frame!

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