Blue Dot Robot News and Updates!

::: June 2014 ::: Blue Dot Robot supports Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation!

We’re absolutely elated to offer our support to Alex’s Lemonade Stand. This organization is amazing in their efforts to end childhood cancer. Here’s how we’re helping:


Every purchase of a Kit Katzenschwartz puzzle made here on our website will earn $1 for Alex’s Lemonade Stand. So go grab your puzzles and let’s end childhood cancer together!

Read more about Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation here.

As always, Blue Dot Robot hearts you!

::: November 2013 ::: Blue Dot Robot on Amazon!

It may be awhile before we’re at the top of the list under a simple ‘jigsaw puzzle’ search but if you search ‘Blue Dot Robot Games’ we’ll be right there – sparkly and happy and new. Please tell anyone & everyone you know (who like puzzles of course) about us.

As always, Blue Dot Robot hearts you!


::: October 2013 ::: Blue Dot Robot @ Blue Highway Games!

Queen Anne is perfect for walks this time of year. Blue Highway Games is perfect for walking to any time of year! It’s such a great store and we’re so happy to have them as a sales partner.

Blue Highway Games

::: 8.02.13 ::: Blue Dot Robot @ Portage Bay Goods!

More great news for Seattleites! Beginning tomorrow August 3rd, you’ll be able to find our puzzles in Fremont at one of our favorite stores. Portage Bay Goods! I’ve found countless fun gifts at this store. In fact, this is the place where I saw my very first Mark Poulin piece! You will love this shop and that’s a promise!

Portage Bay Goods

::: 7.21.13 ::: Blue Dot Robot @ Elliott Bay Books!

Do you live in Seattle? We have great news! You can now find our puzzles at the Elliott Bay Book Company on Capitol Hill! Just head toward the kid’s area and voila! There they are. Elliott Bay Books is a really, really great independent book store. If you drop in, plan to spend a little time reading and relaxing. This is one of favorite our local stores!

The Elliott Bay Book Company

::: 6.24.13 ::: Blue Dot Robot now on Facebook!

You can now find us on Facebook. ‘Like Us’ for future sales and special deals!

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