Mark Poulin's other Work

Mark Poulin's other Work

Hello friend! In this post, I’m going to gush a bit. I want to tell you about some of the other cool things one of our jigsaw puzzles artists does.. I want to tell you about Mr. Mark Poulin and his jewelry design.

Years ago I was just dreaming about this little jigsaw puzzle company. I would take very, very long walks on a regular basis and use the time to let my mind wander. That’s one of my things anyway, regardless of what I’m working on but, for the sake of this tale, you’d need to know I spent most of my mental energy thinking about how a person starts a jigsaw company. I knew the basic premise - I wanted to work with real artists, real people just doing their work, to create cool puzzles and to promote them and their art to a larger audience. Possibly even folks that don’t normally think to buy art.

So on these epic walks, I’d often make my way to another part of town. If you’re in Seattle, you’ll be familiar with the areas. Capitol Hill to Queen Anne. Capitol Hill to Madrona. Capitol Hill to the University District. On this fateful day, it was Capitol Hill to Fremont where I popped into a store I really love that sells all sorts of fun items. (Portage Bay Goods) After spending who-knows-how-long looking at all the random fun items I happened to end up by a stack of prints by various artist. That is when I first laid eyes on Mark’s work. It was an absolutely ADORABLE character. I mean, so cute I couldn’t put it down. So I didn’t. I walked the print home and circled it for at least a week, smiling every time I looked at it. I just knew - this artist was for me!

Cut forward another week or two - me sitting nervously in front of a computer typing, retyping, re-retyping - working on an email to this artist whose work I was totally ga-ga for. I figured, you never know until you ask.. so I told him about the business I was hoping to create and asked if he might want to be part of it. To my utter delight, he wrote back and wanted to hear more! And so it began.

I’m pleased to report first hand that this man is not only insanely talented, but he’s delightful and kind-hearted too. 

Here’s a whole host of fun Mark creations. You’ll love these!

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