About Mark Poulin

About Mark Poulin

In Mark’s own words: I’m inspired by anything that tells a story, captures a moment, or steals a heart. All my characters, like me, and possibly you, are a little lost on this earth. I navigate my way around using a pencil and a sketchbook. These magic tools bring order and a smile to my life. I hope I can do the same for you.

In our words: Mark’s work brings a smile to everyone’s face. We haven’t met anyone that’s immune to their charm. And as an added plus, Mark is as adorable as his creatures!

What Mark has to say about donating to the Special Olympics:
“I love being a dad. I see my youngest son Jonah as a just a typical kid who wants to swim, ride his bike, hang out with friends and participate in everything he can. Because he has special needs it is not always possible for him to participate in athletics and activities set up for his typically developing peers. Special Olympics has created programs in which he can fully participate in athletics with other kids and adults using and fostering the abilities he has, building his confidence and social skills all while having fun along the way. It’s a great program!”

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