It's Costume Time!

It's Costume Time!

This has nothing at all to do with jigsaw puzzles.. not even close. But, it’s my blog and I’ll blab if I want to. Right? (I’m making a 1960’s musical joke, for you youngsters out there.) Anyway, I love Halloween. I love the creepy movies and the ghost stories and the kids, young and old, that get into dressing up. It’s costume time!

As you may have gathered from my early post, I come from a long line of geeky folks who dig Star Wars. But, to be honest, I wasn’t 100% sure that would be the route I’d take this year…. Still, during this hunt I but I have come across some of the Star Wars costumes for pets and had a giggle or two..  Now I still can’t say for sure which character (or version of a character) I’ll be, but I do know  this: I’m sharing these fantastic  findings with you. Enjoy!

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