Artist: Darrell Bush

Artist: Darrell Bush

Let’s face it. There are A LOT of jigsaw puzzles out there. Some better than others. And anyone that’s ever started a business will probably tell you that you’d better love what you’re working on - it’s a whole lot of work after all! Aside from the story of how Blue Dot Robot Games came to be (which you can read here), we were pretty darn inspired by these amazing puzzles from Buffalo Games. Specifically, those using the art of Darrell Bush.

Long before any illness struck, there were the Seattle winters to contend with. One especially tough year, there was a long evening wandering aimlessly around a catch-all store (Fred Meyer for those of you in the area) and a lucky turn down a toy aisle where the puzzles were. And BOOM! There it was. An incredibly beautiful little dreamy espape to the lake. A jigsaw puzzle that seemed to put out its own, warm light and pull me right into the scene. It was called ‘Autumn at the Lake’… and it was ON! I grabbed it - bought it, of course, and dashed right home where me and my trusty sidekick went to work. I’m not sure if I even saw the surface of that particular table again at all that winter. Or the next.. 

These puzzles are not only beautiful, but Buffalo Games has made a great product that will last your for many years without breaking down. The pieces fit together well and there’s enough variety in the cut to keep it interesting.

Here are my favorites by Darrell Bush. (which is more or less all of them, honestly) We’re using Amazon Affiliate links here so buying is easy for you and earns a few cents for us.. which, of course, goes right back into our puzzle habit. We thank you!

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