3D Puzzles

3D Puzzles

I’m not sure why, but I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how cool it would be to design 3D puzzles. I think actually creating the design itself would be an amazing challenge and would certainly involve some serious engineering skills. I mean, it’s one thing to create a pattern on a flat surface to cut into pieces… it’s another to make that stand upright, have all sides create a shape that makes sense and then remain intact once put together. (without super glue) I do love a challenge, but … sigh. So instead, I’ve decided to buy one. Guilty confession: this will be my first 3D puzzle!

I figured, while I’m on the hunt for one that I think I’ll love, I should share the coolest ones I’m seeing with you too! I hope this helps you find one you’ll enjoy as well. Oh, and there are some models in there because they’re just too cool not to share! (and they’re basically just puzzles anyway, right?)

So here you are.. some of my favorites from WrebbitCubicFun, Ravensburger and a very cool new discovery, UGears.

P.S. I LOVE Harry Potter. There is NO WAY I’d skip adding those to the top of my list! 😉

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